Real Estate

Al-Dostour law firm has one of the largest Real Estate practices in the Kuwait and GCC area The Real Estate Practice at Al-Dostour law firm reflects the strength, diversity and sophistication of the firm. We have years of experience in providing practical advice to our clients in both the simplest and the most complex real estate transactions related to residential as well as commercial freehold projects.

Our lawyers come from many diverse backgrounds, but all share our commitment to quality. We understand not only real estate law but also strive to understand the business objectives of our clients so that we are able to provide them with creative solutions. Nothing sharpens skills like experience, and we are fortunate to have senior lawyers who have earned national reputations in their areas of concentration.

Should I hire a lawyer for my real estate needs?

There are many reasons to hire a lawyer for your real estate needs. You do not necessarily have to be involved with any litigation to benefit from a qualified attorney. The Real Estate Department at Al-Dostour law firm provides assistance in a variety of matters where an attorney can protect you from costly mistakes, errors in the documents, errors in the figures and other problems that could lead to litigation or other expensive legal action. An attorney can also help you keep your property out of probate court by setting up a living trust for you to pass your property directly to your intended heirs.

Our expertise and experience in Real Estate is exemplified by the following areas of practice:

  • Legal advise on freehold properties sale & purchase-residential as well as commercial.
  • We act as appointed/preferred attorneys on behalf of the buyer and perform all kinds of acts and transactions on his behalf till the grant of possession.
  • Reviewing and providing legal opinions on Property Sales and Purchase Agreements.
  • We also act as an escrow agent for the parties and retain all the documents and money till the grant of possession to the buyer so as to ensure safe transactions.

The Real Estate Department in Al-Dostour law firm has great experience and a national reputation in the area of Freehold Residential and Commercial Development. In addition to negotiating major lease transactions, we have created and reviewed numerous landlord and tenant leases. We also have significant hotel experience, representing major hotel developers.


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